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About Us

Electric Vehicle Users of India is a non profit organization focused on advancing interests of electric vehicle users in India. Our dream is that all India drives electric vehicles using electricity generated from green sources. The pollution will drastically decline, we all will breathe clean and fresh air. Also we will stop importing oil and be self reliant for energy. Good for mother earth, good for motherland.

We think this is definitely possible. What we have realized is that just public awareness cannot achieve this goal. We need to talk to government and help create EV friendly policies. This is what happened in Norway and they got huge success in electrifying their transport. 

Some History

Originally the team and community that formed around PluginIndia has played a big role in creating EVUI. We hope it continues to do so. PluginIndia has the same mission, but it will remain focused serving the business community. EVUI will focus on serving the user community and being in touch with the government.